Record calorie burn

I had a record calorie burn today – especially for a week day. I had tons of energy… the funny thing is that I really did high protein today and very little carbohydrates – just some fruit. I burned 520 calories on the elliptical at lunch and another 650 doing my P90X . Tonight was Legs/Back and Ab X. I pushed it hard and really had a great workout. The Ab X was the best yet. I still cannot keep up up I definitely saw a huge improvement.

One more day of double workouts and I get a day off. I decided to skip the Stretch X on Friday and really take a day off. I think mentally it will be better for me. This past weekend I was pretty exhausted, granted, I was getting sick, but I still think an actual DAY OFF will be good.

After dinner I walked over to the garden- I wish I wore my heart rate monitor to see how many more calories I burned. I walked there but jogged back because it was starting to thunder out and I did not want to get caught in a storm.

The garden looks good but just about all my big tomato plants were about toppled over. The cages I bought really stink – I tried weighing the corners down with large rocks, but I do not think that will hold. I am going to have to come up with something else and fix it this weekend. My pepper plants are also getting very top-heavy and they will need to be staked as well. The weeds are starting to take over – I hope there is some nice weather this weekend so I can pull some of them.

Until tomorrow… good night.



  1. Linda

    I sure hope you do get a lot of tomatoes off your large bushes. I think the squirrels are running away with Dad’s tomatoes. He only had three and now he is down to one. They are not laying on the ground so I don’t think they fell off.

    Sounds like you are starting to enjoy your P90X more.

  2. lauraph2009

    I hope you can save some of your tomatoes!!!

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