Free Friday

Today was a day free of exercise. It feels good not to workout for one day after three weeks of constant exercise. Granted, one day is stretching, but it is still doing something… I liked not having to worry about it today. My ate my calories right on – 1275.

It was weigh-in today and my scale only showed  a one pound loss. However, my clothes are getting pretty loose and I have had a lot of compliments this week. I am sure I am losing inches so I am happy with my progress. I am going to measure myself on day 30 so that will be interesting to see.

On my lunch hour today I went to get some new clothes. I had a Kohl’s coupon that needed to be used.  I got two new pairs of capris a whole size smaller… not a woman’s size either, a regular size. No longer do I have to shop in the plus-size clothing. I got two shirts, too, in a normal XL – one I think is even too big now that I tried it on at home. I think I can go down to a large.  I am going to exchange it tomorrow. Oddly it did not occur to me that a large would fit – I better get used to trying on smaller sizes.

Tomorrow starts week 4 of P90X – it is supposedly “Recovery Week” weeks by no means equals easy week. It just means no weights… all cardio and core. It should be pretty tough. The unfortunate part is that there are two sessions of Yoga X. I really do not enjoy it at all, but I will do it.  If I get up early enough I might go for a run tomorrow, too. It is supposed to be really hot so I will have to do it early.

I have more big plans for Saturday… exercise, garden, hair cut and massage. I can’t wait for my massage – it has been a month since my last one and I have been anxious to get back. I love massages! I wasn’t able to get my regular therapist, Bonnie, but luckily she gave me a couple of alternatives of people that she thinks are good. I guess it will be good to try another therapist out.

Oh, I also I bought some lovely new pajamas today so I am going to put them on and go to bed.


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  1. Ted

    This is mom – that is great about going down in size. I guess they are right when they say muscle is heavier than fat – I think I got that right. Congratulations!

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