Week 4 Begins

The start of week 4 – the “recovery week”, begins today. I took care of my yoga this morning and even though I still do not care for it – mostly because it is an hour and a half long – I did it and I am finding that I am getting better at the poses. Tomorrow brings us a new workout- Core Synergy. I hear it is a tough one (well, which one isn’t!). But, reading the descriptions in the book I am really going to have to get my brain in the right frame of mind… lots of plank position moves – these are so hard for me. I knew they were coming… when I hear “core” trianing I think plank moves. Jillian does tons of them in her workouts.  So, we shall see. One thing I am always excited about with each new workout is how many calories I burn. I love seeing the numbers.

Today I planned for yoga and a run, but I just didn’t have time for a run. I spent time in the garden picking tons of green beans… I had half of a basket full. I do not know why I didn’t take picutres – laziness I guess.  I got three more cucumbers and two zucchini. The tomatoes are still doing great, but I had to throw out three more with the blossom rot. Luckily there are tons of tomatoes now – way over 50 so hopefully I have enough to cover the bad ones.

I brought my harvest home, washed everything up and put together a nice green bean salad. Again, no pictures, but it was really good. I blanched the fresh beans and it made them nice and tender. Toss with some kidney beans, my purple pepper and a vinegrette made with olive oil, red wine vinegar and garlic. It was really tastey.

By the time I did all that and got cleaned up it was time to head out for my hair appointment.  I love getting my hair done and it looks great.She finished up just in time for my massage appointment….. what a pampered life!

The therapist I got today was pretty good. I really can’t complain – he really worked on my hips and hamstrings – they are still so tight all the time. I thought that with all the stretching that Tony Horton makes us do in P90X that I would be a bit looser by now. I guess nothing counter acts the 7 hours of sitting I do everyday at a not-so ergonomically correct desk.  Anyways, he did a good job, but next time I will make sure to get Bonnie again. I just can’t wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment.

After massage I made my much needed trip to Costco. I didn’t get to go last week and I missed my greek yogurt. I just cannot find it in any of my local grocery stores. I stocked up on yogurt and berries… they have a 2 pint container of raspberries for $2.99 and they are delicious. They have had them for the past few weeks and I am always shocked when I see that price.  I got lots of other stuff, too. It was a hard trip though because I was getting hungry and they had lots of delicious looking free samples… pizza, garlic bread, spinach and artichoke dipp.. oh my. I kept focused and did not take a bite. It’s not allowed! Here is what Tony says in the nutrition book that comes with P90X about junk food:

“You think you love them. They are the problem. Throw them away and don’t let anyone give you more. Don’t be nice. Don’t take a bite.”

So, lately, in my mind whenever there is something tempting I think – DON’T TAKE A BITE.

I think I used to tell myself that one bite won’t hurt. Of course it does. One bite leads to another bite and another. Pretty soon the whole thing is gone. It’s the ONE BITE that is the problem! Who knew. Now I know.

Tomorrow is going to be cleaning day. I have neglected my house this past week. The garden and exercise take up most of my time. I really need to get caught up. I also have to plan the menu for the week.

Good Night


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