New Jillian Challenge!

Jillian Michael’s has started her summer challenge “Cleaning House”. It is all about going organic. The challenge will involve weekly tasks that we have to do then post about what we did and how we accomplished them – including photos.  We have to take “before” and “after” shots of the tasks.

This week’s task is to buy organic and remove toxins. I do not buy as much organic as I should – some things are easy, but some not. I will have to figure out what to do this week.

For P90X today – it was X Stretch day. I do not mind the stretching as much as the yoga – stretching is only an hour and pretty easy. I can tell that I am getting more flexible – I am no Gumby or anything, but little by little I can stretch a bit further. The problem with stretch is that it does not burn many calories! Luckily I had a good lunch time elliptical and the walk to and working in the garden.

The garden is looking good. Nothing to harvest today except weeds… they are everywhere. Really out of control! I worked on a few of the beds – at least trying to get the weeds that are closest to where the plants are growing. I was sweating buckets – it was so hot – even at 7:00. Luckily John came by with some water… I really needed it.

Katheryn sent some really cute pictures of Mollie today – my favorite is one that included her, too!

Katheryn and Mollie

Katheryn and Mollie

The bad thing about getting them at work is I get distracted and want to look at them all the time! I cannot wait to see them on July 4th!


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  1. Ted

    That was our favorite too. She called last night to see if we saw them but didn’t see dad’s comments earlier. She is so cute – always so excited about Mollie.

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