More Durable

That’s what Tony said Core Synergetics will make me! I believe it. This is the best workout so far. I really got into it tonight since I knew what was going on. Once again I was sweating buckets. It is really hard!

Tomorrow is Yoga X and I am NOT going to dread it all day tomorrow. I am going to “free my mind” (as Tony says) when it comes to this workout. I am going to wear some shoes – I think I have some running flats that will not be bulky. I really do not like working out barefooted. Believe it or not, my toes actually start hurting during the first half of the workout. I know my feet are probably getting stronger, but maybe shoes will help me like it better.

I had a less than optimum calorie burn today. I was really busy at work, plus I forgot my towel so I wouldn’t be able to shower, AND my upper back hurts a bit. So, I only did 20 minutes – about 200 calories. The Core Synergetics, as hard as it was, only burned 510 calories.

Not sure what is going on with my back today. It hurts a bit right in the upper center. It was a pain, literally, to sit at my desk all day today. I just wanted to lean back in a recliner or something. Thankfully I do not have Ab X this week because I do not think I would be able to get up!

I am going to take some Mortin and go lay down. Good Night!



  1. p90xakers

    Hello again, I did core last night too. That workout really is tough, if you keep your core tight throughout most of the workout. I like doing the superman/Banana move b/c you can really feel your middle section working hard (which I like). I think the hardest workout on that thing is the lunges with the arm curl/press. I sweat like crazy but don’t burn as many cal when I do it either. Anyway try to let your back get better so you don’t make it worse and end up like me not working out for 2 weeks. Take it easy.


  2. lauraph2009

    I sweat like crazy, too, during the arm curl/press. I think Core Synergy is my favorite so far… I can’t wait to see what next in week 5. Thanks for all your motivation! It helps!

  3. p90xakers

    You’re welcome. Keep up the good work, you have me ready to do round 2 now.

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