Rest Day Eve

I love Thursday nights because I know I have a rest day coming! Last week my decision to cut out the Stretch X and rest instead as a good one and I am going to do it again tomorrow. I worked really hard this week… at P90X and my extra lunch time elliptical. Today I burned 520 calories at lunch knowing the Yoga X was tonight.

I have to say that I really did Bring It with the Yoga tonight – more than I have before. I guess now that I know the routine a bit more and decided to “clear my mind” and just go with it – it helped. I also did wear shoes for the first half. It helped me a lot and I will continue wearing them. I know that is probably not the right thing to do in yoga, but it helped me perform better so I am going with it.

I didn’t make it out to the garden tonight – I was too tired and it was late by the time I finished yoga and ate dinner. Hopefully everything is still in tact!

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. We will see how my calorie adjustment worked. I have been getting a lot of advice about increasing calories lately so we shall see. I have been feeling satisfied with my food intake and have had really excellent workouts this week. I think it is the addition of carbohydrates back into my diet for than anything.

Off to read a couple of my favorite blogs and go to bed!


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