Week 4 – DONE!

What a great week. I have felt great and full of energy all week. My workouts have been top-notch and to top it all off I lost 2 pounds. I am very happy because that means everything worked the way it was supposed to. Based on my calorie intake and expenditure I planned on losing 2 pounds. I love it when a plan comes together!

The best part was that it wasn’t that hard… yes, I burned 1,000 almost everyday, but I am really just in the groove lately. I have accepted the fact that to lose the weight I have to workout really hard. There is no walking any more… no half-hearted workouts… if I want the weight to come off it takes effort. Jillian has a good rant that I think about sometimes where she says something to the effect of – “you just can’t take the stairs… you can’t just park a little further away at the mall… you have to work hard – so many people say “I’ll just take the stairs” and think that will be enough. It’s not…” It’s so true.

My actual weightloss total right now is 71 pounds. My weigh-in page somehow got a few pounds off so I will have to adjust that. SEVENTY ONE POUNDS. It is actaully working. I think I finally just got my mind right and I am doing what I need to do. No more excuses, no stupid stories I am telling myself about how I will fail. I know I will lose the weight and I know I will hit my goal and keep it there. There is no doubt in my mind anymore.

Tomorrow starts week five and I am really looking forward to hitting the weights again. I get a couple of new workouts this week so that will be fun. I am sure they will include pull-ups and this week I am going to try assisted pull-ups again. With assisted pull-ups you can use a bench or chair and put a little weight on the chair with one foot to give assistance to the pull up. This is what I did the very first workout that left my arms crippled for a week. I am hoping that I have gained some strength since that day!

This week I am also adding something new to my diet – My Amazing Meal arrive today in the mail and I cannot wait to try it. I will have a REAL Green Monster tomorrow.

I am going to get up early tomorrow and do my workout and then treat myself to some time at the pool. My sister-in-law has THE BEST pool and I am going to spend a couple of hours out there and swim. I cannot wait. I have not been there since last summer.


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  1. Linda

    Great on the 71 lbs. You should be very proud of yourself as we are of you.

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