P90X Phase One Results!

Week 4 completed the first phase of the P90X program. I am very pleased with my results and it makes me want to push even harder through this next phase.

Weight lost: 7

Inches Lost:
Chest: 2
Waist: 3
Lower Belly: 4
Hips: 2
Thighs: 1
Bicep: .5
Total inches lost with 4 weeks of P90X: 12.5

I also looked back to my original measurements from September when I started and since then the total inches I lost have been pretty good. I wish I did all the other measurements in the very beginning – I only did the big three…

Chest: 7
Hips: 8
Waist: 11

23 inches total lost with the 71 pounds

The body fat is a little more difficult. I never bought the calipers that I should have. When I got the Wii Fit in Decemeber I used it to measure my BMI (Body Mass Index). According to what I did when I start P90X and now my BMI dropped 2%. I do not even know how accurate it is. I also have a Tanita scale that supposedly does body fat but I just do not think it works for me for some reason. No matter how heavy I have been vs. now it shows the same %. Certainly I have lost some fat. I may have to find a caliper and start now.


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  1. Congrats on your excellent progress!! Sounds like things are really going well!! And congrats on 71 pounds that is so awesome!! Keep up the great work!!!


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