I hate it… but I love it…

That’s what Tony Horton says about Ab Ripper X – my version is I hate it… but I hate it… ! Seriously – it is SO HARD! However, I am happy to say that I really think I am making progress. I could do several “Crunchy Frogs”, which were nearly impossible to me before recovery week. Also the “roll up, V-ups”. I am, if I can say so myself, getting pretty darn awesome good at them! They say that results come during recovery periods and I believe it – I really did feel much stronger tonight.

The main workout tonight was a new one “Back and Biceps”. I have never done so many bicep curls in my entire life! I also did assisted pull-ups instead of using the resistance band. I worked really hard but I am so not good at even the assisted version of pull-ups I am just not sure if I should do them. Next week I might try the band variations.

I was starving today so I ate more calories. I actually ate 1900 – which is 500 more than I have been eating, and more in line with what Tony wants me to eat. I think I was so hungry because I did not get enough protein. I ate vegetarian all day today, so I think that was the problem. The protein I had was in the form of my protein shake for breakfast, some hummus on my Ezekiel bread at lunch, a green shake and yogurt for snack and some black beans for dinner. I think tomorrow I am going to have some egg whites with my breakfast and some tuna for lunch.

I have had the oddest craving for cheese lately. I could eat it morning, noon and night. Obviously I do not, but I could! especially that raw milk cheddar that I bought- I should never have tried it. Who knew it would be so delicious!

I skipped my lunch time workout today because I was sore from this weekend’s workout and I wanted to give it my all tonight for P90X. Tomorrow I will have to workout at lunch because P90X is Yoga. I need to get my cardio in.

I am pooped tonight!


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  1. Linda

    I am taping a P90X infomercial today to see what your exercise routine is all about.

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