Sore today

I am sore today from the P90X Back and Bicep workout yesterday. It is a good sore – I am not crippled like that very first week of doing pull-ups!  Tonight was Yoga X and it was pretty good. I have just really been focusing on each move and trying to do it better each time. I am getting better. I can hold the poses longer and I really focusing on the breathing like you are supposed to. I wore the heart rate monitor and I was surprised to see I burned 430 calories – most of which were the first 45 minutes.

I decided not to do my lunchtime workout again today. I am just feeling tired… not really physically, but tired of exercising and constantly having to do something. I still have  along way to go so I do not want to get burned out. I thought it would be good to alternate weeks with double workouts.

My calories were more in line today then they were yesterday I ended the day with 1690. Still higher than I was but not as high as the P90X plan puts me. Since I am feeling tired I thought the increase would help.  I am really working out hard so I hope I still lose some weight this week.

I really am in the mood to run more, but I just cannot fit it in. At lunch time it is too hot to go out and run outside. After work between dinner, the garden and P90X there is no time. I have a 5K race on July 11th – I will not plan on setting any PR’s that day since I haven’t run in awhile. It will just be fun to get out and do it.

Nothing exciting going on in the garden. I put some lime around the tomatoes in hopes that it will stop them from all turning yellow, whithering away and dying. I have lost a lot of tomatoes to the blossom rot and the lime is supposed to help. We will see….



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  1. Linda

    We watched the infomercial last night on the P90X – very interesting and tough looking.

    Where is your 5K race at?

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