I Brought It

I had an awesome P90X Back/Legs workout tonight. I really focused on my form and going lower in the squats and lunges. The problem I have been having is that my balance isn’t great so I can’t get as low in my squats as I should because I fall over. So, tonight I decided to lightly hang on to my chair. That helped a ton. I got low and really felt the burn. I burned a record 690 calories for that workout (plus Ab Ripper) which is right up there with Plyo.

After the workout I walked over to the garden. It still looks pitiful. Everything is turning yellow on the bottom, despite the addition of lime yesterday. The lime said it was fast-acting… apparently not a fast as I would like. I am going to have to do some more research.

I had another good food day. I am really satisfied with my meals the past couple of days.

Tomorrow I am taking a half day at work. My sweet daughter is coming home with Mollie. I cannot wait to see them!!!


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  1. Linda

    I would have to use a chair too.

    We also can’t wait to see Katheryn and Mollie. I think there is going to be a real change with Mollie.

    I am bringing along my heart monitor for you to help me. I got it set up but I get confused on how to start using it. I am going to start in next week, hopefully I’ll get better food in me. I just haven’t had the energy with not being able to eat much.

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