Fabulous 4th… and 5th!

What a great weekend! It was so great to have Katheryn and Mollie home.  I took some great pictures – but with Katheryn’s camera so I have to get those from her.

Mom and Dad came over with Dylan so almost the whole family was together.(Jeff was out fighting crime!) We had an awesome time as usual all weekend.

In between all the relaxing and visiting I was able to get in a couple of really good workouts.

Saturday morning I did day one of week 6 of P90X… Chest/Shoulders/Triceps and Ab Ripper. I love this workout. There are so many different moves that the time flies like crazy. I really got a great calorie burn, too – 600! I focus on lower weights and high repetitions – I always try to make it to 15 – with the last 3 being pretty tough. Of course the chest workout part is mostly push-ups. I do what I can – still on my knees… I am going to try a real one soon! I am really starting to be able to get pretty deep.

Sunday was my favorite – Plyo! This is one tough workout. I really pushed extra hard becuase I wanted to burn a ton of calories to get the week off to a good start. I ended up burning 720 – which is awesome.

This week is double workout week. I will be hitting the treadmill at lunch. I have to get some running in before Saturday because I have the 5K.

I am shooting for at least a 2 pound loss this week.  I got all my food lined up and ready to go!


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