I came back strong today after a couple of less than stellar days. I really wanted a great workout and I can say that I crushed Kenpo. I was sweating bullets and really got my heart rate high. My max heart rate was 160 – which is really good for this workout. The thing about this workout is that you have to have intensity and you have to focus on the moves and really go hard. With Plyo the calorie burn comes as long as you do the moves – there is no avoiding burning serious calories. With Kenpo if you just go through the motions you are not going to get a good workout. I burned 650 during Kenpo then I did the Abs that I didn’t do last night for a total of 876 calories burned. That is HUGE! My kicks are really getting high.  I still struggle with the back kicks – I have a hard time looking back and keeping my balance.

For Ab Ripper X I can really see improvements. I can almost do all the moves. In 16 minutes you do 11 moves for 25 reps or more each. I do not stop the tape to try to do each move 25 times. I just do as many as I can in the time allotted and just keep going.  Here is how I did tonight:
In and Outs: 25
Seated Bicycle: 25
Reverse Bicycle: 20 (this is so hard!)
Seated Crunchy frog: 15 (This is even harder!)
Crossed Leg/Wide Leg sit-up: 15 (wide leg)
Fifer Scissor: 25
Hip Rock N’ Raise: 25
Pulse -up (Heels to Heaven): 25 (legs not completely straight)
Roll-up/V-up combo: 12 !!!! Not perfect, but they are pretty good!
Oblique V-up: 25 each side (not very high)
Leg Climb: 12 each side ( not very straight – my least favorite of the routine)
Mason Twist: all 50, but with feet on floor. I cannot get my feet up – I am trying to keep one foot up at a time.

Tomorrow is REST DAY!!! and, weigh-in day… not too excited about that. I have been so tired this week and I do not feel like I have lost anything. Of course, I never really feel like I lost weight so I will have to wait and see.


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  1. p90xakers

    Kenpolicious… I like that.

    Fifer Scissor is hard for me b/c my lower back gives me problems. I can’t do all 25 without taking a break, so good job on them. ARX is a tuff workout but keep up the good work and you’ll be knocking them 25 reps out with “the kids”. Enjoy your rest day, I do.


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