Reflections of week 6

Week 6 of P90X was a tough week. I was very tired and struggled with craving bad food. Of all the weeks this one was the most difficult to get through. I ate too many calories – nothing bad, but more than I should have to lose weight. I worked out really hard for all my P90X workouts (except Yoga X, I just went through the motions) but I didn’t do my lunch time workouts. As a result I did not lose any scale weight.

Although the goal is to weigh less, the point is to get fitter and healthier. That I did manage to do…. (in no particular order):

  • You know from Saturday’s post that I managed to set a new personal record in the 5K – 30:22.
  • During the Chest/Shoulder and Tricep workout I was able to do a few REAL push-ups. They were not deep, but they were on my toes, not my knees.
  • During Kenpo my kicks were higher than ever and I managed to keep my balance during the back kicks –  usually I lose my balance during these
  • During Plyo I was able to jump high during the Jump Knee tucks and actually kept up with them during the double -times.
  • I went shopping for some new shirts and bought three of them in size LARGE, not extra large, not double X, just plain old regular large.
  • Some of the pants I bought last week in my new, smaller size, are already getting baggy.
  • I found some brand new pants in the back of my closet with the price tags still on them and the tags. I bought them in 2004 and apparently they did not fit. I must have shoved them back in the bad and buried them. The receipt was still in the bag. 1/4/2004. They fit now, with room to spare.
  • Tried on dresses today and they all looked great. I am not ready to wear them out in public – a bit low cut and not really me, but they looked good. My dress size, as it turns out, is even smaller than my current pants size.
  • I actually was able to perform the “Crane” pose from Yoga X. I did not do it during the workout but later when John challenged me to try. It turns out that I assumed that I could not do it… low and behold – I could. I only held it for 5 seconds or so, but that’s good enough for me. Amazing what I can do when I try. Now I will keep practicing.

After realizing all of these things I have a renewed energy for week 7!



  1. Linda

    Wow! you are doing great. I know when we saw you a couple weeks ago I could really see a difference. We are so proud of you. Hopefully you can get rid of the tiredness.

  2. lauraph2009

    Thank you!

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