Jillian’s Cleaning House Challenge – Week 4

The challenge this week has to do with stress. I am supposed to identify my source of stress, get adequate rest and exercise.  The funny thing is that for each week’s challenge we are supposed to take before and after pictures. What on earth am I supposed to take pictures of for this challenge.


My only stress is work and there is really nothing I can do about that. It is not all stressful, but with constant system problems that I have to help figure out it is not that fun.  Since there are so many problems and seemingly very few resolutions I cannot even take a picture of the problem being solved. I could take picture of my cluttered office with all the things I have to do that are being neglected while I work on all the problems… I will have to think about this one.

OH! I forgot about recent garden stress. A couple of weeks ago we seemed to have a rabid fox lurking around the garden. The fox would be out n broad daylight and was not afraid of humans at all. It would stare at you – it gave me the creeps. The older neighbor ladies were all nervous, too. I was afraid to walk to the garden so I had to take the Ranger every time. I would have to lock the garden gate behind me so he wouldn’t sneak up on me.  I do have after pictures of his demise… John took care of him!

No sooner do we get rid of the fox now there are two baby racoons hanging around. They might be cute now (not that I have gotten close enough to see), but they sure won’t be cute soon. They are living in a tree that I have to pass on my way to the garden. Now I have to take a wide loop around that tree. I can see them peering at me from the tree and I feel like they are going to pounce me.

THEN, if that is not bad enough… the whole time there have been two hawks living in the trees. They are constantly glaring down at me. They have even swooped down near me a couple of times as I pass by. I could almost feel the wind from their wings on my neck. They are constantly on the prowl for smaller birds. I have a feeling they are going to go after the raccoons – I guess that would solve one of my problems.


Get adequate rest. Well, I am trying. The good thing is that it is almost time for my monthly massage. I think next weekend I will try to get an appointment with Bonnie. She is awesome!


Exercise – I am daily – I think I fulfilled that one!

Each week a winner is picked that gets a basket of organic goodies worth $150.00. I would really love to win one! Maybe if I include some pictures of the dead fox I will win!



  1. Linda

    You are too funny with your furry creatures. And we know how you love birds . . .

  2. Katheryn

    good thing I didn’t read this in public because I definitely laughed out loud to myself again about the wide loop you have to take to avoid the raccoons!!! LOL you are so funny mom!!

  3. lauraph2009

    HAHA! You know me – not a huge fan of the wild things!!! I am happy you got a laugh out of it!!!!!

    I just posted some pictures of you in my last entry!! Talk about funny!

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