Yoga day

Today is supposed to be rest day, but since we will be busy all day tomorrow I thought I would get yoga out of the way and take my rest day tomorrow. It was actually a really good workout today.  I worked hard to get the poses as right as I could get them and hold them longer. I was dripping sweat through the first half.  It actually felt really good and the hour and a half flew by. I rocked the “Yoga Belly 7” and my boat pose was awesome!

Tomorrow is the awards banquet for John’s racing season. It should be pretty fun. I will post pictures of him with all of his prizes tomorrow.

OH! Today was also weigh-in day. I lost one pound this week. Although I always want more, one pound is what I should have lost for my calories in/calories out. I really only did my P90X – only a couple of lunch time ellipticals.  I ate more calories than I have been – all good, clean food, but a calorie is a calorie. I was just hungry and not really in the mood this week. I just had no desire to count and measure and document everything that went in my mouth. Unfortunately that is what I have to do to lose more than a pound.

I think one of the reason I have done so well losing weight these last few months is becuase I did not deprive myself of the things I enjoy. I set aside one day a week to relax a bit and have what I have wanted that week – be it wine, some cocktails, something fatty, etc…. for P90X I decided to do it strict for 90 days. No cheat days, no sugar, no wine, no gin nothing. So, week 7 I struggled a bit… instead of giving in and getting something bad I just ate a bit more of my healthy options. It felt good to make the good choices.

I will continue to be strict until the end – but watch out day 92! haha… just kidding. I think I can manage to survive without an all-out binge!! I will have a cocktail that day!



  1. p90xakers


  2. Nice commitment! I need to really buckle down and stop giving in to the snacking.

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