Drippying, sweating core workout

I had a great workout tonight with Core Synergetics. I did all the moves better than ever… except one… yes, the stupid Dreya Roll. I tried and tried. I used some of the advice given to me – I kept my feet close to my butt, I went as fast and I could but nothing works. I cannot even hoist myself up with my hands. I came up stairs and did them some more with John hoping to get some pointers. He gave my his advice, but still nothing. So, I will have to keep tyring.

The workout itself was good. I really have one move down pat that I NEVER thought I would be good at – the “Reach High & Under Push-ups”. I could not find any pictures of this move, and I am not quite ready to photograph myself doing it, so here is the description from the P90X book:

Combine a standard push-up with a one-arm balance. I did find a picture of a one-arm balance….

one arm side push-upWhile in the one-arm balance, reach the top arm under the body, near waist as far as possible, extending hip and buttocks into air, and then return arm back top. Return to push-up position and repeat on other side. Do this for maximum reps. (I have to concentrate too hard to count, but I did several).

Calorie Count today:

Elliptical – short on time again, only 300 calories
Core: 450
Total: 750

B: green shake: 240
S: Kashi bar: 140
L: Salad w/tuna and dressing: 260
S: ?? two bites of pimento cheese – 200
D: Roast chicken, 1/2 sweet potato, veggies: 250
S: 1/2 cup cottage cheese: 90
Total: 1180


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  1. p90xakers

    The Reach High & Under Push-ups really does work your core. The only problem I have is I broke my right wrist a few years ago so it makes that move hard for me. I saw you working hard in the gym yesterday. I’m so jealous that you guys have that. I would love to have one at my work, or at least a shower so I could run at lunch. Keep up the good work.


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