P90X Phase 2 Results

Once again I am thrilled with my P90X results. This program works. My phase 2 results were not as dramatic as phase 1, but they were still good and I am happy. The most telling part was in comparing the initial start pictures against the phase 2 pictures… I sure wish I could share them, but I am not that open with things! They are pretty impressive.

So, here are the stats as of this morning:

This week – 3 pounds lost!!!!  My goal of 2 pounds was exceeded
Weight loss on P90X in 8 weeks: 12 pounds
Total weight loss: 76

I will share my body fat percent: 26%. I never posted my beginning % – let’s just say it was A LOT of fat. TOO MUCH Fat! So, the ultimate goal is 18% – I think that is attainable and manageable. (17-22% is considered lean for a woman).

Inches lost in Phase 2:
Chest: -.5
Waist: -1
Lower Belly: -.5
Hips: -2
Thighs: -1 (they are the same size now – my left one was bigger)
Biceps: -.5
Total inches lost phase 2: 5.5

Inches lost on P90X in 8 weeks: 18
Total inches lost for the big three measurements:
Hips: 10
Waist: 12
Total: 29.5

So, now I am fired up for phase three. I have to finish strong this last phase. I am really excited! I always feel so great after recovery week. It really does let your body recover and recharge!


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  1. p90xakers

    Way to go Laura! 3 lbs I bet that made you feel great. You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work. Phase 3 is where the big changes happen. Keep pushing play and the next few weeks will fly by.


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