What a Weekend!

I had a great weekend, despite having to work from 10-3 on Saturday. I decided Saturday morning that I wanted to go see my parents so I got up early to get some chores done and do my P90X workout – Chest/Back/Abs. This is the start of week 9! Amazing – time sure flies! I had a great workout and was actually able to do 5-6 real push-ups at the beginning of each push-up round before finishing up on my knees. It was a pretty good feeling to do REAL push-ups. I am going to work for more each time.

On the way over to their house after work I HAD to swing by Starbucks and get a non-fat iced latte – it was so delicious and I enjoyed every sip!

I got their and my brother and nephew were there – it was great to see them. We had a nice time talking, eating a great meal and playing some Texas Hold’em!  Before my brother left he invited me to run with him at Crowder’s Mountain. We ran up and back on part of the Crowders Trail. It was a hilly, rocky trail that proved to be an excellent workout. It has been awhile since I ran on trails, but luckily I had my adidas Supernova cushion trail running shoes. They were awesome.

We started out at a good pace, it is too rocky to go too fast. There are a lot of small little uphills on a gradual downhill trail. We ran about 2+ miles in and turned around. That “gradual downhill” trail turned in to a very not-as-gradual UPHILL on the way back… it is so funny how I hardly felt the downhill AT ALL in the way in, but it was a while other story on the way out. I definitely felt the hills. It was a great run. I had to walk a bit becuase my heart rate was at 90% of max so I needed to catch my breathe. Also, towards the end I started tripping on all the rocks and roots a bit more. My legs were fatigued and they couldn’t quite pick my feet up as high as they needed to clear the obstacles.

The run was not quite 4.5 miles and I think took us less than an hour. I ended up burning 1000 calories!!!

Here are some great pictures of us!

We stopped by his house before the run to check out his new Charger (with a Hemi) - he can really catch the criminals now!

We stopped by his house before the run to check out his new Charger (with a Hemi) - he can really catch the criminals now!

Me by the map of the park - who knew there were so many trails!

Me by the map of the park - who knew there were so many trails!

Me and my brother before hitting the trail

Me and my brother before hitting the trail

After the run my brother cooked us a delicious lunch. For an “appetizer” we each got a juice glass size “green monster”. I really should have taken a picture of the ingredients he uses. It was really excellent. He uses frozen bananas and that is the key – I really need to freeze some up.

His recipe:
2 T greens powder
2 T coconut oil
1 T flax oil
1 T aloe vera concentrate
apple juice
frozen banana

YUMMY! It really hit the spot after that tough workout!

For main course we had whole wheat pasta with organic marinara, sliced tomatoes, from my garden and a piece of dark chocolate for dessert. He also made me a delicious cup of coffee before I had to hit the home for the 1.5 hour long drive home.

The combination of the drink, the lunch and a terrific cup of coffee gave me energy to get home and get cleaning! I knocked on the bathroom, vacuuming, clean up the kitchen and fold a MASSIVE pile of clean clothes that we have been picking through for a week.

Then FINALLY I had to take myself to do Plyo! The toughest workout of the weekend after the toughest run I have had in awhile! I was beat – but I was determined to BRING IT. I had an awesome workout and burned 500 calories. Giving me a total of 1500 for the day.

I have to note – I usually burn 700 in plyo so the 500 seemed disappointing, but today I adjusted my Polar Heart Rate monitor for my new weight. I realized today that I still had my HRM programmed for 35 pounds ago!!! The HRM calculates calories burned on weight, age, and heart rate… my weight was 35 off and therefore I think it has been calculating high. Now that I lowered my weight I will have to work even harder to burn calories. GREAT!

Now I am ready for a shower and ready to relax!


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  1. Linda

    Dad and I were just commenting this morning on what a nice weekend we had with our kids. Now it is back to work.

    Good luck with phase 3!

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