Relaxing Weekend

I spent the weekend exercising, cooking and relaxing. It was exactly what I wanted to do – I went to the grocery store on Sunday and that was it.

I started Saturday morning off with a run – I headed to Harmon Field for a 5 miler. I was determined to set a good pace and I started off strong – I logged my first mile in 9 minutes! That is my fastest mile ever. The problem is I certainly could not maintain it and unfortunately I struggled maintaining a 10 min pace! I wore myself out that first mile! That is not too good! So, I slowed it down and took a couple of walking breaks the second mile and then picked up a normal 10:30 pace the rest of the run. I felt good in the 5th mile and if it wasn’t getting hot could have gone on further.

Beside it getting too hot, I also had to save something for P90X! I keep forgetting about that! I headed home, had a green shake and headed downstairs for Chest/Shoulder/Triceps. I brought it and worked out really hard. The nice thing about running before P90X is that I could skip the long warm-up in the beginning and get straight to the good stuff. I increased my weight on my shoulder and triceps and got really low on the push-ups. I started most of them on my toes and dropped to my knees – I really focused on form and depth.  By the end of the workout my arms were like rubber. It felt great

I headed upstairs and decided to drink some of the P90X Recovery drink. It is pretty good, but I don’t drink it very often because one scoop is 100 calories and it is not filling. I chugged it down and headed to the garden. The sun was full blast by that time so I didn’t stay long… just long enough to pull a few weeds and some tomatoes. The tomatoes were cracked and ugly, but hopefully I can salvage a few bites from each.

I also picked a couple of melons – the cantaloupe was off the vine so it had to be picked and the honeydew had a large crack in it…. here is their good sides:

Don't judge a melon by it's shell..

Don't judge a melon by it's shell..

I cut them open to find them both full of slimy melon. Not an edible piece.

The picture makes it look like there was edible flesh, but there wasn't it was nasty

The picture makes it look like there was edible flesh, but there wasn't- it was nasty

So, no melon for lunch – or ever… I am sure the others will be the same.

I was hungry by this time and whipped up a yummy salad with avocado, home grown tomatoes and cucumbers AND onions, and blue cheese crumbles. I splashed on some balsamic vinager and it was filling and good.


By 1:00 I was done for the day – I spent the rest of the afternoon surfing, watching TV, lounging… basically nothing. Dinner was a couple of chicken breasts on the grilled with homemade honey mustard sauce, warm potato salad and some sauted green beans. I forgot tp photograph dinner, but it was good.

Sunday was almost a repeat of Saturday – just with no running. I wanted to run, but P90X was PLYO – and I have learned that I should not run before plyo so I didn’t I slept in, ate some breakfast and headed down for the toughest workout of the week. Plyo is HARD – it is hard everytime. Again, I sweat buckets! I am not sure how many calories I burned yesterday OR today – I have not been wearing my heartrate monitor due to some unfortunate chaffing from the chest band…. I am working out blind and it feels really weird not to keep track of the calories.

After Plyo I headed to the grocery store – no time to waste, we needed water! We woke up this morning to find that there was no running water. Luckily John had some bottled water that we drank in the morning, but now I was really thirsty. I headed to Ingle’s – I didn’t even have the gumption to drive to Costco. I got what I needed and headed home. It was lunch time by I got back home and made us a “Vegetable Patty Melt” from Sara Foster’s Casual Cooking.  A mixture of artichokes, red pepper, banana peppers, spinach and feta grilled between pita bread halves until melty and delicious!


Once my belly was full it was time for a nap. I laid on the couch and actually fell asleep! It was wonderful. I woke up and had an afternoon cup of coffee and then helped John do something with his motorcycle… I had to hold a measuring stick and balance his motorcyle while he was on it… it was more complicated than it sounds!

Once that was done I commenced to lounging again and watched the “Legally Blonde” marathon on TV. This is the life…

Pretty soon it was time for dinner. Since I didn’t really work up an appetite I wasn’t terribly hungry. My plan was drilled flank steak for some fajitas and homemade salsa but I wasn’t in the mood anymore. I decided on scallops and couscous. The scallops were pan-seared Ancho chili powder crusted scallops compliments of Bobby Flay (if only he were here to cook them!!) On the side I made one of my favorite side dishes – mango and black bean couscous from the cookbook Veganomicon. I love this salad and could eat it all the time. The actual recipe calls for quinoa, not couscous, but I am not a quinoa fan so I substitute. I also didn’t have any black beans (normally a staple in my pantry) but I added some toasted almonds. It was divine and I get to have the rest for lunch tomorrow!


After a brief rest (yes, more resting) I cleaned up the kitchen and was ready for dessert. I made something I have been wanting to try for awhile, but never got around to making it…. homemade frozen yogurt  – with Greek yogurt! Greek yogurt is my new favorite thing. I cannot go a day without having it. I finally found a recipe on one of my favorite food blogs – 101 Cookbooks. I love this blog – she makes really interesting and healthy things. I cut the sugar in half and it was still really sweet – I guess I haven’t had a lot of sugar lately so when I do it really is sweet. I used a combination of organic raw sugar and organic blue agave syrup. I put it in the ice cream maker and then in the freezer for a bit, but I was so excited to eat it I couldn’t wait for it to firm up completely. It was delicious, but because it was not solid it really tasted like really cold vanilla Greek yogurt. It was delicious alone, but I decided to throw some toasted almonds on top. It was really good – I can’t wait to see if it gets firm tomorrow!


So, that was mine weekend – all 48 hours of relaxation of it! Now I am ready to start another busy week.


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