Manic Monday

Boy – what a busy day at work. Believe it or not I even forgot to eat lunch! That has never happened! I had my snack about 11:00 – which is usually almost lunch time and I realized at 4:13 (yes, exactly that time) that I was starving. I ate a couple of bites of my couscous but decided to just hold off until dinner. I also realized that I only drank about 2 cups of water all day – usually I have downed about 8 before heading home.

My morning snack was delicious – something completely odd… I learned about it, of course, on one of my favorite blogs Eat, Live Run. Jenna is always discovering something new. Ok – here it is… a peach with almond butter. I sliced the peach and dipped it into almond butter – it was amazing. The peach could have been better, but the flavor was really good. I will definitely be eating it again.

I was really sore today for some reason – I ran hard and had an intense plyo workout yesterday, but nothing more than usual. Maybe because I haven’t had a lot of water… between have the water issues at home and being too busy to drink at work I might be a bit dehydrated. Our water is on at the house now but it has a funky smell and I really do not want to drink it. I bought a few gallons of water at the store yesterday but it is just about gone. Hopefully the water will be back to normal soon.

My P90X workout tonight was Back and Biceps. It was good. I used the “Music and cue” option which was kind odd. This workout has a REALLY annoying girl in it and I wanted to tune her out. The “music and cue” option played the music and only Tony’s cues at the start of each exercise. You could still see all of their mouths move but didn’t have to hear them. It was nice not to listen to her, but the music was bad. I might try the “silence and cues” next time and play my own music. Now that I have done the workouts for TEN WEEKS (!!) I really do not need the cues too much anyway.

Tomorrow is Yoga – I would rather go running but I have to stick with the plan for a few more weeks!



  1. p90xakers

    Hey Laura, I haven’t posted in awhile and wanted to say its good you’re still bringing it! 10 weeks is a lot of hard work I know. You’ll be done with the 90 days before you know it. I’m still sticking to most of the workouts but not like I used to. I’m going to start going to the gym more to do some heavy lifting vs. using dumbbells and doing P90X. I enjoy it but going to the gym from time to time breaks up the same old workouts which I like. I might try the “silence and cues” on my next workout so I can play some music that I like too. Well back to work for me. Keep up the hard work.


  2. lauraph2009

    Hi! thanks for checking in. I am happy you are doing well.. I bet you are ready to get some different workouts going. P90X is good, but I like a little variety! Take care!

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