Calorie counting break

Since I am not wearing my heart rate monitor this week I also decided not to count food calories. I have been reading some blog posts by Angela at OhSheGlows and she talks a lot about intuitive eating rather than obsessing about calories. I am going to give it a shot this week… partly because I want to see if I have learned enough about portion control these past several months AND because I am tired of counting the darn things.  So, this week might not be the best weight loss week, but I have enjoyed not really writing everything down. I have really just eaten the same things I usually do so it probably hasn’t been much different.

I have continued to take my fish oil and multivitamin – I think this is a record. I have not been able to get my daily dose of vitamin D – 15 minutes of direct sunlight during peak hours is difficult to do holding down an 8-5 job!

I have been surprisingly not tired this week. I have been going to bed later than usual and getting A LOT done everyday. This is a good thing!


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  1. Linda

    I haven’t been following anything and just watching what I am eating and how much. No sweets or after supper snacks. I go to my Dr. Furhman book for ideas and to rethink how I am eating.

    I’ve been sticking with my 30 minute walk at lunch and getting on the stationary bike at night. I’ll get dad to put the DVD player in the bedroom so I can work on Richard Simmons. Tonight I am going to work on the arms on the Total Body Gym.

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