No weight loss but…

One whole percentage in body fat! Hey, I will take that.  I am one percentage away from being in an “acceptable” body fat percentage, according to all the charts. This is really huge for me. I will be out of the overweight range  – as far as the charts go. Since the ultimate goal is 18% body fat I still have a ways to go. I still have weight to lose and I have to keep that in mind. Every few months I kind of shut down and forgot – I start feeling good and lose focus. I have 23 pounds to lose to my first goal weight! I have to turn up the intensity. I gave myself this week to recharge – just doing P90X and not counting calories, etc. Now I have to get back to business. Get my notebook out, plan my meals, workout out at lunch. No excuses until those next 23 pounds come off.

I enjoyed this week – and it makes me happy to know that when I am in maintenance mode that I will be able to live without counting calories forever.


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