Double duty Sunday

We had a great weekend with my parents. The weekend got off to a slow start – I planned on waking up early and getting my P90X out of the way – the LAST chest and back that I will ever HAVE to do! But, I woke up with a headache Saturday morning and was super tired so I thought I would probably not work out as hard as I needed to. I decided to save it up and do it AND plyo on Sunday.

We had a great day Saturday – Katheryn had her first experience at Ikea! She LOVED IT – I knew she would.  After Ikea we went to Trader Joes and I stocked up on some natural BBQ sauce, cereal, nuts… just random things that we do not have around here.

We got back home and My brother came over – we had lots of little appetizers – olives, cheese, bruschetta, chili-lime cashews. It was really nice Of course, I had my sparkling water while everyone else sipped on wine and beer. I am so ready to be able to have a cocktail again!!!

The next morning we sat out on the back deck and had our coffee and watched Mollie.She is so much fun to watch!

Katheryn and I headed home after swinging by Kohls and Petsmart. It was a long trip home, as usual. That hour and a half drive is so draining. I was exhausted by the time I got home so I took a bit of a rest before getting reading for my DOUBLE P90X! I was ready to BRING IT and had two really good workouts. I gave it everything I had and burned 1023 calories!  I can think of easier ways to burn 1000 calories – I was dripping wet and exhausted.

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the week – wash, grocery shopping, cleaning…. BUT the good thing is that I AM OFF ALL WEEK!!!! I realized mid way through all my chores that I do not HAVE to get them all done today!!! yippee!.So, I still have a pile of clothes on the couch that I will get to another day!!!!



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