First day off!

I thoroughly enjoyed my first day off of the week. I did a lot of resting! I started off by sleeping in until 7:00 – which was wonderful! Enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee and watched the news. Soon the girls were up – Mollie and Katheryn:)… we went outside and watched Mollie. We actaully did a lot of Mollie watching today – she just never gets old!

After breakfast we decided to go for a walk. We talked through the woods and over to Tryon Estates were Mollie swam and tried to get the geese. Luckily we had her on the leash – I believe she would have swam to the middle of the lake to get them. She had an absolute ball! We forgot the camera – maybe later this week we will try again.

After lunch we all took a nap! yes, a nap… it was wonderful. I do not do that very often and it felt good.

Tonight I finally got around to exercising and did my last P90X Shoulders and Arms workout! It was good. I really like that one and will probably keep it in the rotation when I start running.



  1. p90xakers

    Good morning, I wish I was off work. Last night I had Shoulders/Arms/Tri’s and it was a good workout. My arms are a little sore today, which haven’t been sore in forever so I know I worked hard. Today should be plyo but that tends to hurt my left knee so I might go run instead. Enjoy your time with the family and don’t worry about adidas. I’m sure Ashley will keep things in order. Lol

  2. lauraph2009

    It is always good be a little sore after a workout – it let’s me know I really worked hard. I was sore after plyo this week – I really tried to squat lower and jump higher. I really pushed it. Have fun on your run!

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