Running with Mollie

Today was Yoga day for P90X and I had an excellent workout.  I am getting so much better at most of the moves. There are some I still cannot really do well, but the good thing is that it doesn’t matter. I am getting more and more used to Tony’s mantra – “Do your rest and forget the rest”.

After yoga I still had a ton of energy and was up for a challenge….I decided to take Mollie running on John’s trails. I brought the leash, but decided to let her go – BOY OH BOY did she go!!!! She would run ahead at warp speed and I would run to catch up. Just when I thought she was out of sight I would see her waiting for me. As soon as I caught up she would charge off again! It was crazy.

At one trail intersection there is a small creek. She didn’t need any coaxing to jump in. Unfortunately the bottom was pure MUD. She had mud up to her elbows and loved every minute of it. I let her play in the water a bit before we headed on.

The fun thing about the run was I let her lead the way… she flew up the hills and down the hills at warp speed. I thought she was going to toppled down some hills she was going so fast! It was an absolute blast and we did thing probably for 45 minutes. I was a sweating, dripping, muddy mess by the time we got back. OH, how did I get muddy you ask?? Well, after the romp in the creek and a bit of running Mollie decided to jump on me.  She was running ahead of me down a trail when she suddenly turned around and jumped up on me – her paws on my chest! I am not sure if I wasn’t going fast enough or what, but she went crazy for a minute. I couldn’t get her off me! It was hillarious.

I finally lead the way home then another dilemma… how to get her clean. I decided to give her a bath! I filled up a bucket of warm water, got her puppy shampoo and went for it. We were both soaked by the time it was over and I am not really sure how clean she actually got, but the visible mud was gone. I let her lay on the porch for awhile and air dry then got some old towels and hand dried her. The towels were kind of dirty by the time she was dry, but hopefully I got enough off that the house won’t get too dirty!

We were both happy to get back into the air conditioning. I just got out of the shower and now we are both relaxing on the couch.  Life is good.



  1. Linda

    You sure did have a run – she is wild. I rode the stationary bike last night and did do some sweating. I got new batteries so now the programs work. I think I will try my cardio watch and band next time because I don’t think it registered right. I couldn’t believe how low I stayed pushing hard.

    I think dad and I burned calories getting all the stuff back in the spare bedroom.

  2. lauraph2009

    Since your bike is older you might have some trouble with your Polar. Some things interfere with the Polar and you do not get an accurate reading. At work I have to put my watch on while I am away from the equipment. I get it started in exercise mode then get on the equipment. If you continue to have problems you will just have to estimate your calorie burn on the bike.
    I am sure you burned a ton of calories moving all that stuff out!!

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