End of week 11!

Yes, I am counting down the days! Tomorrow is rest day and week 12 starts! I had a good Kenpo workout tonight and then John and I took Mollie for a hike. We did John’s entire loop! It apparently is around 2.6 miles and really nice. I still do not think I can run it because it is so uneven, rocky and rooty, but it is perfect for a hike.

The highlight of the hike (I think) for Mollie, was the pond. About half way through the hike passed the pond and John’s nephew was down there so we talked for a few minutes. While we talked Mollie decided to go for a swim in the pond via the tall weeds and grass surrounding the pond. She didn’t go in too far, but got her body in the water. She had a blast!

Tomorrow is rest day! (oh, yes, I mentioned that already!) I love rest day and tomorrow will be even better than normal with the massage. I am so ready for it. My legs are tight and I have had some muscle cramps and spasms this past week. I am ready for Bonnie to work her magic!


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