Jillian’s Summer Challenge

I haven’t done a great job keeping up with Jillian’s challenge this summer. But I logged on this wee to find the challenge perfectly tailored to me! “Be Good to Yourself”. She mentions to do things like take a vacation – get a massage – pamper yourself! How timely! Even before I saw this I already have some pampering lined up. Friday I am going to get my hair done and a massage. I was luckily enough to get appointments with my favorite hair stylist and massage therapist the same day. I cannot wait!

Nothing really new to report. I have been taking care of my P90X workouts daily and anxioiusly counting down the days that they will be over. I would have been happy with a 10 week program – I started losing interest after the 10th week. I have still been getting good workouts – I have been sore all week so obviously it is still working – I just want to move on already!



  1. Ashley O

    12 Days Laura! LOL

  2. lauraph2009

    Yes, I am counting down the days!!!! I hope you had a great week!

  3. Ashley O

    No…think about it – now it’s 13 days, lol. Remember?

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