Everything and more!

I have had two really great days. Despite the fact that Katheryn and Mollie went back home I have gotten to do everything I wanted to do and more these past couple of days. They left on Friday and I already had my massage and my haircut appointments lined up. The baad thing is that their plans changed a bit… I thought they were leaving in the morning so I made all my appointments to start when they left. They ended up not leaving until later so I actaully left before them. Mollie and I got one last hike in before they left and then I had to leave her in her crate. When I got back from my appointments all that remained was a lone piece of kibble on the kitchen floor….

A bit of puppy chow left behind...

A bit of puppy chow left behind...

My massage was fantastic. Bonnie really did a great job as usual… she did a bit of Shiatsu on me and lots of stretching. My hips are hurting again.. not good since I am not even running yet. Also, I have had terrible leg cramps in my quads. She really worked on my legs hard and it HURT. It hurt in a good way and I already feel a difference. I told her about my lack of motivation lately and she did some moves that shaid would help me with that… who knows if it will work but it felt good and I believe her.

I killed some time between appointments and went to Barnes and Noble and walked around. I sipped on a cappuccino – I am always a bit chilly after a massage so I wanted something warm and this hit the spot.

Finally my hair appointment and Jenna did a great job as usual!

Back home and some homemade greek pizza! It was so delicious – I love rewst days becuase I could eat without worrying about having to let my food digest so I can exercise. I ate a leisurely dinner and enjoyed it thoroughly!

Saturday was more of the same… slept in until 7:00, had a lovely cup of coffee and a green drink before starting in on some much needed cleaning. I worked on that a couple of hours before starting….. drum roll……  WEEK 12 OF P90X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chest/Shoulders/Triceps! This is one of my favorites because it really flies by and I get a good workout, too! Tomorrow is plyo and I can’t wait to see how my legs feel.

After my workout I had to primp and get ready for my friend’s wedding. I  bought a DRESS to wear! I haven’t worn a dress in years and I was feeling a little self conscious.  Luckily I modeled it for Katheryn before she left and she gave me the thumbs-up. I can always trust her opinion so I wore it and felt great. The wedding was really nice – it was a perfect small ceremony and everything was wonderful. Marie looked beautiful and so happy.

After the wedding I decided to treat myself to a movie. I have been wanting to see the new movie – Julie and Julia so I went all dressed up. I was going to go home since I felt kind of funny in my dress going to a movie by myself, but what the heck. I stopped by Barnes and Noble for another cappuccino and went to the theater. My dress must have given my some hidden confidence because I walked right in with my coffee and told the ticket buy that I was going to finish my coffee in the theater  – he shrugged and said it was fine with him. haha – all dressed up AND boldly walking in with some Starbucks – I love it!

The movie was FANTASTIC! I loved every minute of it and it makes me want to cook! Actually it makes me want to be like Julia Child – she was so excited about everything and loved everything…. she never seemed to be bitter or discouraged about anything and lived with complete GUSTO.  She was really amazing. I have to add a little Julia to my life!

Now I am back home and in my pajamas and it is only 7:30! How glorious!



  1. Linda

    Maybe Dad and I will go next weekened to see the movie. It looks good.

    With the spare bedroom in order I am going to start Richard Simmons again. I have plenty of room now back there.

  2. lauraph2009

    It will be really nice for you to have your own little workout room! You can go crazy now!!!!

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