Closer to running!

I am DONE with week 12. I finished strong with an excellent Kenpo workout – my kicks were higher than ever and I was really envisioning beating people up with some of the moves! haha – I really was wondering if my Kenpo moves would help in the event I was attacked… I bet they would!

I am getting more excited to start running. Today at work I signed up for our team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. The race is September 26 in Greenville, SC.  It was kind of a last minute thing so we will not have much time to fund raise, but we will try to do some. Hopefully there will be enough people interested again next year and we can start earlier. I think we will have 10 or more people on the team – hopefully more will join next week.  Our team name is “Impossible is Nothing in Pink” – a spin-off of adidas’ slogan “Impossible is Nothing”.

Most of the people on the team are not runners so I am going to try to organize a little weekly group run with them. Some of them want to try to run the race. It doesn’t give us much time to train – it is only 5 weeks away. I found a beginner plan to share with them so we will see how much progress they can make!

Time to relax! Good night!


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  1. Linda

    That is neat getting a team together. Once it gets cooler outside I am going to start interval with running. Right now it is the walk at lunch, bike and Richard Simmons at night with the fan at full force.

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