Weekend with my brother

My brother and nephew came over for the weekend and he had a blast. Jeff is very healthy always looking to improve his lifestyle we had some great conversations and I learned a lot. He has gotten into juicing and now I really want to invest in a good juicer. He brought John and me some of his “Cabala juice”. It sounds odd, but the word is simply acronym, for what is in the juice:

It simply stands for Carrot Apple Beetroot Apple Lemon Apple. Three apples because the ideal mix is to inculde one of each colour – red, yellow, green. Juice a heap of carrots, one of each apple, a whole (skin included) lemon, and a third of a beetroot. Organic ingredients are definitely needed.

Jeff includes ginger and kale in his recipe and it is a pretty spicy drink. It is very good and refreshing. I could get used to drinking it everyday.

Today we went hiking at Bradley Falls – we didn’t go down to the base of the falls – just to the overlook. I hiked to the base with John years ago when Katheryn was little. I HATED that hike. It is extremely steep and and there is a cliff that you have to scale to get back up. It was probably one of the scariest hikes of my life and I am not ready to go back. John said that I should face my fears – that it is not really as bad as I am remembering. I really do not want to do it again. The fear of falling of the cliff and dying their is not at the top of my list of things to do!

After the hike we went to a local park where there is a mini obstacle course. Jeff, Dylan and I all did it and it was fun. I could not do the pole climb – like a rope climb, but with a pole. And, of course, I could still not do pull-ups.  Today and yesterday I have tried SO HARD to do them – I just do not have the upper body strength yet.  Yesterday I had Johna dn Jeff both coaching me and encouraging me but I just couldn’t. I am going to keep practicing. Maybe one day!

This afternoon after they left I did my P90X – Core Synergetics – my favorite.  I am really good at the “banana/supermans” and the “bow to boats”.

Here are some pictures from today’s hike – we had a blast!

Dylan, Sake, and me

Dylan, Sake (the dog), and me

My borhter Jeff and Dylan on the overlook.

My borhter Jeff and Dylan on the overlook.

What good-looking siblings!

What good-looking siblings!

Sake and me waiting for the boys to come back

Sake and me waiting for the boys to come back


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  1. Linda

    I really like the one of you and Jeff. I agree – good looking siblings.

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