Last Kenpo!

I just knocked out my very last Kenpo! Yippee!!  I really brought it knowing that I WILL NEVER HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN! This in not one that will do again. If I want that type of workout I will do Tae Bo. I think Tae Bo is harder and more fun.

Tomorrow is supposed to be Stretching, but I am going to skip it and do Core Synergetics. Core is supposed to be Wednesday, but I have my first running group to go to. I have been skipping Stretch since the first week so I might as well skip it the last week! There is nothing exciting about stretching for a solid hour!

At work today I ventured outside for my lunch time workout. I had lots of requests last week from people wanting to walk at lunch so this morning I sent an e-mail to everyone stating that I would be walking at 11:30 everyday. Nobody showed. It was a bit disappointing, but that’s fine. I will continue plugging along just like I have for the past 11 months. I brought the Garmin to plot the distance. The first parking lot loop is a third of a mile. Then a combination of one loop of the first parking lot and the parking lot of DC1 is almost a mile exactly. There are two more lots that I can make loops out of but I would really like to have someone with as one is back behind a warehouse and the other is down the road a bit. Maybe tomorrow!

I was starving most of the day today. I can’t seem to get my calories down low like they need to be. I feel like when I go to 1250, like I am supposed to eat, I am so hungry and my stomach is growling all day and all I think about is when I get my next meal! I need more bulk in my food but I cannot bear to eat a salad and meat is just does not appeal to me right now. I am out of yogurt so tomorrow is going to be rough unless I can make it to the store before work and get some. I am officially addicated to greek yogurt. Today I had the plain greek yogurt with a fresh peach sliced over the top. It was SO amazing. I wish I had some now!


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  1. Linda

    I am like you, whoever shows up to walk otherwise I head out with music and monitor for 30 minutes zig zagging around Charlotte. I did another Richard Simmons last night. I get a workout but until I learn some of the movements I won’t get a big workout. Tonight I’ll probably get on the bike. After our trip I am going to get your dad out at night.

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