Plotting the course

I did a lot of running today. Nobody joined me at lunch, but that was ok – I decided to run and use the Garmin to plot the distance around the property. I headed out the front door and down to DC1, back up to my building and then I decided to take the leap and go on the road down the road to DC2. I have been avoiding the road, but it turned out to be just fine. There is plenty of shoulder and very light traffic.  I ran around DC2 then back up to my building for one last loop. The complete circuit is 3 miles. How perfect is that? It was a really good run – I ran most of the time, but did walk a few feet in front of the windows. I felt weird running by people working. I think I will get over that soon. The only thing I have to do different next time is wear a hat. It was very hot and sunny and I could have used a little more protection than my sunglasses. I should probably have brought a little water bottle, too. I forgot that I was running at high noon!

Today was also my first running group experience. Only two people showed up but we had a lot of fun. We ended up doing a run/walk for 2.5 miles.

Hopefully I will be able to get another run in tomorrow at lunch. I have some meetings tomorrow so hopefully work will not interfere!! haha


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