Building my base

Today started the first day of my training for my half marathon – building some base. I haven’t been running consistently since starting P90X so I did my first Long Slow Run today. I read that the long slow run should be two minutes per mile slower than race pace. Since my goal is a 10 min mile I ran at a 12 min mile pace today for 5 miles.

Since I have the fancy Garmin Forerunner I decided to try to use some of it’s features. It has a variety of workouts built in to it so I picked the “base/distance” workout. I was suppoed to do different paces, etc. every mile but I got tired of it yelling at me…. first it was “SPEED UP!!!” then shortly after that it beeped at me again and said ” HEART RATE TOO HIGH, SLOW DOWN”. After about 15 minutes of it beeping and yelling at me I decided to stop that workout and just go at it on my own.

When I got home I downloaded the workout on my Garmin software. It is pretty cool! I no longer have to remember what I did during a run!

Total distance: 5.47 miles

Total time: 1:16

Average pace: 14:00 (I walked a bit during miles 4 and 5)
Average heart rate: 146
Max Heart rate: 164
Total calories burned: 744

Tomorrow should be a good workout – John and I are going hiking!


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