Hiking day

Today John and I drove to Pisgah National Forest to hike the Looking Glass Rock trail. This is rated as a “moderately difficult” trail and just what I was looking for. John and I have not been hiking together since last September – before I lost 80 pounds. Needless to say my last hike was NOT GOOD. I suffered the whole time going up the hills. We did a different trail, but I am sure it was not as steep as today and I struggled every step. I also have memories of other hikes the past couple of years where I struggled. I used to love hiking but when I gained all this weight the hikes brought nothing but misery.

Today was a different story. It was almost easy!

I wanted a fairly difficult hike to see how far I have come. I am not quite ready for Mt. Mitchell yet – I think we will do this one in a month or so. I have nothing but painful memories of my last hike there! Back to today… we started off with 64 degree weather and beautiful blue skies. I felt strong from the beginning as we headed up the mountain. John was the pace setter (luckily for me he is nursing a wounded knee). I got off a bit easy today since he is recovering! The climb to the top is a series of switchbacks. It is a gradual climb all the way until the last half a mile or so when it gets very rocky and fairly steep. The switch backs are done at that point. My legs started getting tired from stepping up and over all the rocks. I was breathing hard, but never out of breath. We maintained a 23 minute per mile pace the whole time unit that last half mile (well, John maintained, but I slowed to about a 24 min per mile pace).

At the top we enjoyed the scenery for a bit before heading back down.

I wasn't really as close to the edge as it appears!!!

I wasn't really as close to the edge as it appears!!!

John's classic pose!

John's classic pose!

Our total trip was 5.5 miles and it took about 2 hours. Our total elevation gain was about 3200 feet.

I am trying to get Google Earth linked up to my blog. I got the basics, but I cannot seem to add my trail from my Garmin. I am going to keep trying!

We were on top of this:



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  1. Linda

    Such beautiful scenery! I was happy to hear you didn’t struggle with your climbing.

    We took Dylan on a Greenway in Gastonia on Sunday morning. It was about 4 miles round trip. He just loved it. We got a four bike holder for the Jeep. We’ll find another path for the next weekend we have him.

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