One more day until vacation!

I am so excited to spend the next few days with my parents. We are going on a road trip to Washington DC for Dad’s USMC – India Company 3rd Battalion 3rd Regiment – Vietnam reunion. My dad was in Vietnam for 13 months on the front line – as all Marines are.He fought some very hard battles and still remembers so many details that it is unreal! I love to hear is stories and look forward to hearing more during this trip.

Here is a picture of Dad and one of his buddy’s – he is still friends with him to this day.

My dad is on the right. This was taken at Hill 55 in July 1966.

My dad is on the right. This was taken at Hill 55 in July 1966.

My Mom and Dad met in HIGHSCHOOL and are still very much in love and happy. Mom and Dad wrote letters to each other while he was in Vietnam. I can’t imagine how hard that was! I think Dad even proposed via mail!  They are awesome and I love being with them.

Mom and Dad!

Mom and Dad!

This was taken after my first 10K – the Cooper River Bridge Run. My Mom and Dad are two of my biggest supporters! They will do anything for me and I couldn’t be more thankful. We had a wonderful time in Charleston that weekend!

So, tomorrow after work I will head over to their house and we will hit the road Wednesday morning. It is only about a 5 hour drive. We will be staying at a Holiday Inn in Dumphries, VA, just outside of Quantico. We will get a tour of Quantico – that should be very fun. We will visit with others at the reunion and do some sightseeing. It should be a really good time. If I have an internet connection I will try to log in and post some pictures! If not, I will log in on Monday when we are home.



  1. Linda

    You are such a sweet daughter and you know how much we enjoy being with you. We are both excited.

  2. Ted

    Thanks Laura. We are going to have a ball. Can’t wait to start the trip.
    I love you,

  3. Katheryn

    have a great time and be careful!!
    I love you!!

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