Vacation Day 1

We loaded up and hit the road at 6:30 this morning. It was  a nice drive all the way up to the little town of Dumphries, VA where we will be staying for the next few days. It is about 30 miles south of DC and only a few miles away from Quantico.

We arrived at the hotel about 1:30 PM – a little later than planned due to a traffic accident on I-95 in Richmond that sent us on a detour. We used the trusty Garmin to navigate through the hood of Richmond. It was better than sitting in what appeared to be miles and miles of stopped cars.

The hotel is a brand new Holiday Inn and so far very nice. I liked their motto:


We found the hospitality room for the reunion and visited with some of the other Marines that were there. Only a few were here today, more should be coming in the next couple of days.  In between chatting Dad noticed decks of cards on the table so naturally we had to play a round of Texas Hold’em.


Not a winning hand!

Not a winning hand!

The hospitality room had a wide variety of snacks and drinks. I honed in on something special –

Makers Mark - yum

Makers Mark - yum

For lunch we headed to the Marine Corps Base Quantico. Katheryn was excited to hear some reports about NCIS sightings, etc. I am sorry to report that it did not appear to be an exciting place. I didn’t even see any Marines except the two guards at the front gate that checked our ID’s and the statue at the entrance!


Also, aside from the base there is an actual town of Quantico.


I am not sure if anyone would chose to live there – it seems pretty old and run down. We were told there was a good “Italian” restaurant in town that served good food in good-sized portions. I will spare you the pictures because the food was amazingly unappealing and would not have photographed well at all. My dad didn’t  even like it and he likes everything. I ordered a buffalo chicken salad – how can you go wrong…. well, by over grilling a fatty, marinated chicken breast and splashing with some sort of hot sauce – THAT is how you can do a salad wrong. It was edible and I was starving, but sorely disappointed.

We stopped by the “Virginia Railway Express” to plan our route to DC tomorrow. We have never taken the train into DC before so we needed to find info. Hopefully that will go as smoothly as it sounds like it should!

We got back and Mom and I went for a walked and lounged at the pool – it was sunny, she’s not hiding…


We packed a lot in to today! I am ready for bed!


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