Vacation Day 3

Today we decided to visit one of the smaller historical towns nearby – Manassas, VA. We went with another Marine and his wife – both history buffs. This little town is supposed to be an “unforgettable destination” according to their website. It’s claim to fame is a railroad depot that was one of the key railroad stops for the Civil War. After a brief stop there and about 30 minutes of walking we had seen the whole city. It would have been completely forgettable except for one stop….

About half way through the walking tour we came across an old historical church that was renovated into a restaurant and bar. We went in to see the interior and to try to sneak a visit to their restrooms. When we got in we asked what kind of restaurant it was… the man answered and my dad and the other Marine got immediately excited and interested as the man pointed towards the bar. I was also interested in what they served and was impressed, but really their excitement was a bit over the top. I stood there making small talk as the two Marines went to investigate further and mom  went on the prowl to find the restroom and the Marine’s wife went on investigating the historical architecture of the place. I soon started to feel a bit awkward as I stood there alone explaining to the host that, despite our intrusion into the restaurant, that we had no intention on eating there. We basically overtook the place from every angle.

This siege went on for a few painstakingly long minutes. Soon they all congregated back to the entrance. My mom was relieved, the other wife was still spouting random fact about the stained glass of the period and the two Marines slowly emerged from the bar area looking a bit disappointed but laughing that themselves. As we exited the church-turned-bar we learned what the excitement and then disappointment was all about….

The bar was a tapas bar…. if you are a foodie this IS exciting as there are not many tapas bars in NC. However, my father’s excitement seemed odd until I discovered he thought the host said it was a TOPLESS BAR. It’s true… both he and the other Marine BOTH SERIOUSLY THOUGHT THERE WAS A TOPLESS BAR IN THIS RESTAURANT!!!!  Their belief was perpetuated by the conversations they had with some of the foreign help. When they asked the help if the girls started when the bar opened the poor, oblivious workers nodded yes and smiled… Then they asked how much the lap dances cost they smiled again and said they didn’t know. Never once did these two men get any indication that they were way off base!

After wards we made a stop at a local restaurant owned by a man from Uruguay who gave us some wine lessons and a tasting. We tried six delicious wines grown in Virginia and Uruguay.


We also stopped by a small gourmet shop that sold locally created chocolates. I chose a delicious dark chocolate turtle sweetened with honey.


These were so unbelievably delicious!

These were so unbelievably delicious!

We got back to the hotel after that adventure while Dad visited with the other Marines Mom and I lounged by the pool and drank gin. We both got a good bit of sun and now are quite tired and ready for bed!


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