Vacation Wrap-Up

Vacation has come to an end. I have failed to blog the last couple of days we have had a grand finale of sorts…. Saturday was non-stop action and I got to bed WAY too late and had way too many drinks to blog anything coherently! Sunday was spent driving adn by the time we got home I was WAY to tired to write. So, here is a recap… hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything exciting!

Saturday – The goal for today was to find one of Dad’s on-line buddies, Craig Slaughter. It was too hard to find him since we knew where he was – we just had to make our way to Fredricksburg. We met him at his daily coffee stop – a few tables in a gas station. (Luckily we had already had some Starbucks!) After wandering aimlessly the first two days in search of coffee we discovered that there was a brand new Starbucks a quarter of a mile away from the hotel.


The coffee shop we met at was just like I said… a gas station with tables. We sat there for awhile in the smoke-filled room before Craig suggested we get some breakfast.

Notice the hats - I saw a lot of these on the trip! It is the emblem for USMC 3rd Division

We went to breakfast at an equally smokey restaurant. Virginia does not have any smoking laws, obviously! Thankfully NC will have them in 2010!!!

After breakfast we went to downtown Fredricksburg where Mom and I split off form the men and did some shopping. We didn’t get anything, but it was fun walking around looking at stuff. It was a great day and got pretty warm. Luckily there was cute, and busy, cafe where we got some refreshments – Mom some fresh squeezed lemonade and me some iced latte!


After walking around a bit longer we headed back to the hotel for a swim in the pool before getting ready for the official banquet. We were headed to the Marine Corps Museum – it is quite an impressive sight. It chronicles the history of the Marine Corps.

Before the banquet, however, we decided to stop off for a cocktail at a local resturant called The Globe and Laurel. It is owned my a Marine – Major Spooner (retired). The whole restaurant is decorated with Marine and other various military and civil police items. It is a neat place and the food looked and smelled wonderful.


The Marine Corps Museum is amazing – it is an artist’s interpretation of the Iwo Jima Memorial. The top of the museum can be seen from the interstate.

The tip of the museum can be seen in the distance

The tip of the museum can be seen in the distance


A view from inside, looking up.

A view from inside, looking up.

The inside is circular and has various quotes about the Marines and pictures.


After a lot of good food, nice speeches and a tour of the museum we headed back to the hotel for the grand finale party of the week. All the other nights I headed in early to bed and Dad stayed up with the other Marines taking about war stories and other things men talk about. I decided to stay up and see what it was all about.

WELL, had I KNOWN what a tremendous ego boost one could have by hanging out with a a bunch of drunk, 60-something year old Marines then I probably would have stayed up late every night!!! I was the youngest on there and kept getting younger as the drinks flowed. At the beginning of the evening I was introduced as “Ted’s daughter”. As the night wore on I was Ted’s “27 year old daughter”, then Ted’s “21 year old daughter” then finally, Ted’s “17 year old daughter”! They all were told I had a 20 year old daughter so that added to the fun as they tried to do the math to see how hold I would have had to have been to have a 20 year old daughter, with me only being 17 and all…. hahaha

They was also whiskey-pouring Texan who pronounced, multiple times (thank you) that I was incredibly beautiful.  I was SO beautiful that he said I deserved to share in his rare, special Virginian Whiskey. I was happy to oblige. It was the best whiskey I have ever had and I think know that I like it better than gin!

Here is the parting shot of the evening… it was a great time!

This is only part of the group - it was a blast.

This is only part of the group - it was a blast. All the men pictured are Marines.

From the left: Beth (wife of Dick), Mom, Dick, Sherry (wife of Charles), Charles, Jan (wife of Jim), someone else is hidden, Jim ( the guy in the black – he seriously looked like he should be a drill instructor in a movie), Charlie Fink (my Whiskey hero), Dad.

So, that’s it. I hope you didn’t mind my departure from “My Healthy Challenge” BUT, I have to say this week was healthy – it was healthy to get away from work and normal activities and relax. It was WONDERFUL to be with my parents and learn a little bit more about Dad’s experiences in Vietnam.  It was definitely a great trip.

Now, back to business!



  1. Linda

    Great write-up – I sat chuckled a few times. Yes, it was a great time! Thanks for being with me while dad was visiting.

  2. Laura,
    It was wonderful meeting you and your Mom and thank you so much for visiting Fredericksburg.

    We shall see you in DC 2010…..

  3. p90xakers

    Semper Fi

  4. lauraph2009

    Thanks for visiting! It was great meeting you and spending the day in your beautiful city. Thanks for the private tour! I can’t wait until next year.

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