WHAT? NROLFW is the abbreviation for the new weight lifting program I am following that I mentioned in the last post. This is a 6 month program where I will progressively do various exercises with heavier and heavier weights. The program is supposed to be 3 days a week, but 2 days a week are acceptable so that is what I am going to do for now.

Monday and Wednesday are now weightlifting days and for the next 3 weeks that will mean I will be doing the following exercises with increasing weight and lower reps as I go:

Monday – Stage 1 Workout A
Seated Row
Prone Jack-Knife

Wednesday – Stage 1 Workout B
Dead Lift
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Wide-Grip lat pull-down
Swiss-ball crunch

I have to say since having to do P90X for an hour and 15 minutes every night for 3 months, this schedule seems like a breeze. I was so happy Monday night when I finished at a decent time and still had time for stretching. That was easy! Then, by the end of the day Tuesday my legs were so sore!  I really couldn’t believe that my legs got such a good workout.  I got another good workout today with workout B so I am sure I will continue to be sore for awhile!

Tonight was supposed to be my running group at Duncan Park but there were severe storms so we couldn’t go. I was looking forward to it all day so I was a bit bummed out. PLUS, the Ache Around the Lake race will be here in a month and I have done NO HILL training at all. I have to get serious! Luckily I got a message today that there will be a training run on Saturday. I will see how I can hold up. I have never run around Lake Lanier so Saturday I will get to see what it is like and maybe I will be able to go up on my own after work a few days after work.

Tomorrow at lunch I will run/walk with some people at work. I will have to go to the track after work to get in some additional miles.


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