2009 Upstate SC Race for the Cure

2009 Upstate SC Race for the Cure

I am trying to raise money for this month’s Race for the Cure in Greenville, SC. I will be running it on September 26th in memory of my mother-in-law who died of cancer a few years ago. She didn’t have breast cancer, but I do not think that really matters. It is a terrible disease and we need a cure.

I am holding a raffle for some items. For every $5.00 donation you make to my site on Race for the Cure you will be entered for a prize of your choosing. (Click on the link above to donate) Just leave me a comment here telling me which item you are entering for. The drawing will take place 9/23/09.

Click HERE for pictures of the raffle items.


Training Today:

At lunch I was able to get in a prety good run. It was overcast and a bit cool and windy, but made for nice running weather. The blacktop around the parking lots gets really hot on sunny days so it was nice today. I did 3.15 miles at a 10:32 pace. I did have to stop and walk a bit because I got a bad stitch in my side. It passed pretty quickly after slowing down and taking some deep breathes.

I ended up burining 430 calories – that was pretty good for 32 minutes!


I have done ok with my food this week, but not great like I was. I cannot wait to get to Costco this weekend and stock up on stuff and get refocused. I need to get back to my green shakes – they really make a difference and I can tell that I haven’t been drinking them.


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