“Give me 20!”

FINALLY – Jillian has a new challenge that is inspiring! I loved the first one I did when I joined her site – last year about this time… her “Face Your Fears” challenge. It was truly life changing. That might sound corny, but it was. I took her weekly challenges to heart and did all the things she told me to do. I faced my fears – I thought about the reasons I let myself get out of shape and unhealthy and I did something that freaked me out – I did a high ropes course. I was so scary, but I did it. I don’t want to do it again, but at that time I faced my fears and got across the ropes.

My dad and me on the high ropes

My dad and me on the high ropes

The next challenge she had required me to set some very specific goals for the first 12 weeks of the year and then a road map for the rest of the year. Again, this was a challenge I took seriously. I set goals to run at least 6 5K’s and a half marathon by the end of the year. Finally up for an additional challenge I subsituted a 10K for one of the 5K’s. I have all my goals left except the half marathon – which I am registered for on December 12th.

The next challenge was BORING. I appreciate the intent – to live a cleaner life. The challenge focused on getting rid of toxins, going organic, etc. We live pretty clean already so this wasn’t much of a challenge. Although it was to help us move torwards a healthier life I just didn’t get in to it. I want a challenge to get fit and get thin!

So, next up is the “Give me 20” fall challenge. In this challenge we have to come up with a personal fitness goal with the number 20 as the theme… she suggested things like running for 20 minutes, losing 20 pounds, doing 20 push-ups…. I have to submit something before September 15th. (My weight loss anniversary!)

I would like to do something more creative than the things she mentioned. I will have to think about it! If anyone has any suggestions let me know! The prize is a trip to LA – probably to meet her. That would be amazing so I need to get serious!


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