Solid week of running

I love Training Peaks. It is an on-line fitness tracker that allows you to plan your workouts and then download your work outs from the Garmin (or other devices). It will get really awesome when I start my official half marathon training on 9/21. My “planned” workouts are already logged for 12 weeks. After I workout I will downloaded my workouts from my Garmin Forerunner 305 to my account and my “actual” workout will be recorded where I can compare it to my planned workout.

This week I did not write any planned workouts so all I have is just what I did – I ended up logging 15.35 miles and I ran for a total of 3 hours and 16 seconds (pretty precise!).

Today I went to Harmon Field and did 3 miles exactly. That was my goal. I have been reading the book “Daniel’s Running Formula” by Jack Daniels, (the running coach not the whiskey). He said that every run has a purpose. Yesterday’s purpose was hill training. Today’s purpose was an easy run, according to Daniels:

Easy / Long (E/L) pace

At 65-79% of maximum heart rate (HRmax), this non-straining intensity is used for recovery runs, warm-up, cool-down and long runs. The primary purpose is to build a base for more intense workouts by strengthening the heart and increasing the muscles’ ability to use oxygen, and to recover between hard workouts. Daniels recommends that most training miles are performed in E pace.

According to my Garim I spent 20 minutes in the 70-80% heart rate and and 20 minutes in the 80-90% range… I exceeded my heart rate range for this run, but not too much. 90% would have been 162 beats per minute and my max heart rate for this run was 151 beats per minute. I had urges to speed up, but I intentionally stayed at a constant pace.

The Daniel’s training formula is pretty complicated. I am going to use a hybrid of Hal Higdon’s plan and the Daniels plan to train for my half. Hopefully I will find success between the two of them.

Schedule for this week:

Monday: weights
Tuesday: speed training
Wednesday: weights
Thursday: tempo
Friday: rest
Saturday: long run/hills
Sunday: easy run

Happy running!


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