Weightlifting week 2

I started the second week of weightlifting this week. ‘The New Rules of Weightlifting for Women” is supposed to be good. I just feel like a slacker because the workouts themselves are so short. I am used to doing almost 90 minutes with P90X so when I am done in 30 minutes I feel like I am cheating. The workouts are good though and I have been sore after wards each time.

Today I had some issues doing squats. I did my first set of 15 with 45 pounds (not even a lot of weight!) and rested 60 seconds. I started my second set and not even half way through the first squat my quads got terrible cramps or spasms or something in them… it was terrible. I put the bar down and stretched a bit and tried again using just some dumbbells. OUCH – the pain again. I tried massaging them, but nothing really helped.

Right now I am sitting here and they are sore. I can’t wait until Saturday because I get to see Bonnie and get a massage. I am hoping she has some tips for me. I just hope this does not impair my running this week. Tomorrow we shall see – I need to do three miles so I hope my legs feel ok.

This week my goal is 17 miles – that is a 10% increase over last week.


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  1. Linda

    Poor girl! I hope it felt better today.

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