Running in the rain at work

Me and my peeps (Marie and Ilka) ran in the rain today! We didn’t plan on running in the rain, but by the time we got down to the back parking lot it was drizzling. It wasn’t so bad so we kept running. Today we were going to run intervals – 2 minutes run/2 minutes walk. It was going pretty well until the rain started coming down harder so we went in. We ended up getting in 1.62 miles.

The 3 miles I ran yesterday were supposed to be extra miles for the week so I am just going to add them to day and not worry about making up any miles tonight. My legs are a little tired and I have a big weekend ahead. I need to get two long runs in so I think I will rest tonight. And, of course, tomorrow is my rest day (yippee!)

I am going to get some core work in tonight. I have not worked on my abs very much since P90X.  A strong core is important for running so I am going to break out some of my Runners World magazines and find some routines.  I better get started!


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