Rain, Rain Go Away

The rain is putting a damper on my training already. I am going to have to get some better rain gear so I can get my miles in despite the weather. Luckily the rain let up a bit about 11:30 so I was able to go to Harmon Field to get some miles in. The plan today was to run around Lake Lanier, but even when the rain stopped a bit I didn’t want to risk getting caught in a downpour or storm half way around the lake. I figured I was safe at Harmon Field.

Since I planned to run the lake my goal was 4.80 miles, so, I just kept my goal,. I ran it in 51 minutes today. Considering I ran it in 54 last week with hills I would say today wasn’t the best run. I didn’t feel great like I did last week. Probably because I had already ran more this week than I have been. And, as usual, I started off too fast. I have to stop that!

In my new running plan Saturdays will be middle distance runs at ran pace. I am thinking for half marathon hopefully an 11 minute pace. My first two miles were 10 minute pace, then I started to slow down.  My ending average pace was 10:44.

Sundays will be long slow runs. This will be the day that I get in the really long runs, but I get to run them a couple of minutes slower than race pace.  Tomorrow my goal is 5.50. Hopefully it will be nice out. Today was so humid I was sweating buckets after the first mile.


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