Happy Rainy weekend

Despite the rain it was a very good weekend. My girls came home; my lovely daughter Katheryn and her puppy Mollie.  I love having them around! Mollie and I usually take several walks while she is here, but the rain deterred us a bit. Mollie didn’t want to get went at first, but after we got caught in a down pour and she realized she didn’t melt she was all for the rain! She loved walking in the puddles and the mud.

While we weren’t walking we were on the porch lounging… Katheryn thought Mollie looked cold so she got covered up.


I love having the second cup of coffee on Sundays!

I love having the second cup of coffee on Sundays!

After a very relaxing moring, complete with a delicious pancake and eggs breakfast, the girls left and I needed to get busy. The house needed cleaning, I had to go to the grocery store and there was a run that still needed to be done. I kept hoping that the rain would stop, but it didn’t it finally start to at least slow down about 4:00 so I went for it. It was a bit cool so I brought my rain jacket.

I got to Harmon Field and it was wet.


I started out wearing my new rain jacket. It was about 66 degrees outside so I thought it would be ok. After about a mile it was too hot. Breathable or not, a rain the jacket was too much. I ran in my normal outfit of shorts and tank top. The rain was chilly at first, but I got used to it. After the first 2 miles it turned in to a mist rather than actual rain drops. I didn’t have my iPod – I didn’t want it to get wet, but also the marathon does not allow them so I thought I should start doing some runs without it.  It wasn’t too bad. I

The goal was 5.50 miles at a 12 min pace. The Sunday runs are “long, slow runs”, which means 2 minutes slower than race pace. So, I was right on target. I even made an effort to run faster at the end. The first couple of miles were about a 12:15 pace and I ended with a 12:03 pace.

Tomorrow is cross training day. I will probably do the elliptical and weights at lunch and some core work and stretching at night.

This week starts the first official training week for my half marathon December 12th in exactly 12 weeks!


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  1. Linda

    Good luck with your training!

    Molly isn’t too spoiled is she.

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