From Jillian

Today was a good day of cross training – some weights, elliptical, stretching and core. A nice day of rest for my legs before my legs have three days of running. Hopefully the weather holds out at lunch time so I can get all my miles in.

I logged in to Jillian’s site to find some inspirational words. It is words like these that got me started a year ago this week. Last year I was at the end of my rope and decided to make some changes. I joined Jillian’s website because she knows what she is doing and I knew I would get the information and inspiration I needed. I did and in the process have lost 80 pounds. The weight loss is awesome and the main goal, but so many things came along the way.

I gained a huge amount of confidence that helped me do a high ropes course, run numerous 5K’s, join a running club and train and run a 10K, do P90X and sign up for a half marathon, a 20 mile run and a full marathon next year. I cannot believe how my life turned around. People ask me all the time how I stick with it and stay motivated. I really do not have an answer because it is coming so easily now. I love the way I feel and never want to go back.

Here are some of the words that Jillian says that inspire me:

The only thing standing between the old you and the new you is a choice. Once you make that choice — and start being true to yourself — it has a ripple effect on your entire future. There are so many people out there who are giving up, accepting what they believe to be their fate, and literally lying down to die. Don’t be that person! We only have one life on this earth, so it’s time to take control and live the life you were meant to live! Each step you take, whether it’s dumping the processed junk in your kitchen to taking the time to honor yourself, is a positive change toward a healthy future. Keep it up and you just might inspire the future of those around you!

It’s true – everything is a choice!

Also on her Facebook page she posted a hilarious video from an episode from “Wife Swap”. It really has nothing to do with me, but it made me crack up!



  1. Linda

    That video was funny! I also loved the quote.

    We are so proud of you – a year anniversary! Congratulations!

  2. Ted

    I can’t believe it’s been a year already. The choices you have made has led you to a new way of life. And the best part of it is that you are enjoying it. Ripple effect on your entire future is so true.

    That kid in the video is hilarious. What a character. I googled him: He’s known as King Curtis and has made quite a name for himself.

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