Dreary does not mean cool

I headed out at lunch to do my 3.1 mile run. I had a busy morning and I was looking forward to getting outside. My morning was so busy that I hardly drank any of my water – maybe a cup… I usually have about 4 cups before lunch. I also missed my morning snack.

I got ready and noticed it was cloudy and dreary as it has been. I didn’t mind because I thought it would be cool….

My first mile was great – 9:30 pace. I felt good. Rounding the second mile I started to slow down, by mile three I had to take a couple of walk breaks. It was so hot and the sun was coming out! I was really thirsty and didn’t have my hat on either! I still ran 3.1 in 31.:50. I wanted to do 30:00 minutes.

Tonight I did about a half hour of stretching. My new routine can be done while watching TV so I do not mind too much. I just want my body to stay pain-free!


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