Food Experiment

The last week or so I have been trying a new diet – I was testing it out to see if it is something I wanted to try maybe for a 30 day challenge. After the first week I don’t feel that great…I was going to try to eat a vegan diet for a month and see how I felt. After a week I know I cannot go 30 days.

A vegan diet is no animal products at all. No meat, eggs, chicken, yogurt, etc. I am fine with no meat, but I really do not want to give up eggs, cheese or yogurt. All my protein was supposed to come from plants, grains and nuts.

I tried a few new grains; quinoa, millet and amaranth. The millet and amaranth are ok but I have now officially decided that I do not like quinoa. It has so many good things going for it – it is high in protein and is a complete protein, which is a rare find in one food. It has tons of magnesium and other powerful nutrients.  I have tried it in the past and really couldn’t even stomach it… then I learned you have to rinse it thoroughly before cooking it because it has some sort of coating that needs to be washed away. I did that this time and it was edible.  It looks weird:

I am so happy I made a huge tub of it! Hopefully the birds will like it.

I am so happy I made a huge tub of it! Hopefully the birds will like it.

I find the little white worm-like things around each grain very unappealling.

I find the little white worm-like things around each grain very unappealling.

I found it tolerable when mixed with some oatmeal, nuts, and agave nectar, but not enough to want to keep eating it.

For lunch I have had a big spinach salad mixed with some millet and kabocha squash. I have read about this squash on some food blogs and everyone seems to love it. No. Not me. It is dry and pasty.

To top it all off John drank all the apple cider that I bought to mix with my greens powder so I had to choke down my green drinks with water. Seriously not good.

So, tonight we went to the store and I bought more cider and some eggs. I cannot wait to have eggs for breakfast. I am not sure what I will have for lunch yet, but it won’t be kabocha squash!



  1. Linda

    When I first looked at your blog, I thought what the heck is that. I thought it was a pile of coral. I think I have a bag of quinoa somewhere in my cabinets. It probably is so old it lost all its nutrients.

  2. Ilka

    That looks so nasty. At least you had the nerve to try it 🙂

  3. Ted

    Don’t make any for me. I always choose to avoid anything that looks like it has worms in it.

  4. lauraph2009

    Darn! That was going to be part of your birthday meal!

  5. lauraph2009

    At least now you do not have to worry about making it!

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